Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct

Enrolment Conditions:

  • Full payment is required with the enrolment / re-enrolment document. A place is not confirmed unless payment has been received. The payment is non-refundable once term has started.
  • Our preferred method of payment is BACS transfer.
  • We can accept cash payments.  Cash should be placed in an envelope, with your child’s name clearly marked, and given to the pool side manager.
  • Places are always allocated based on swimming ability and age. The Instructor or time may vary on re-enrolment.
  • Jellyfish Swim School reserves the right to change an enrolled swimmers class day & time at any point during the term.
  • The typical number of children per class is 4 - 6 up to stage 3 (some have both an instructor and an assistant in the water). A typical  stage 4 upwards class is 6 students.  The maximum number of students for higher level classes is 8.
  • Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Demand can be high so prompt registration is advised.  Payment should be made within 7 days of receipt of your invoice.
  • All parents and swimmers must agree and adhere to the Jellyfish Swim School Code of Conduct.
  • Jellyfish Swim School will endeavour to provide the same instructor for each lesson throughout the term. However, relief instructors may be used without prior notification.
  • Jellyfish Swim School is a private run swim school, our term dates may not always be in line with the school term dates.
  • Group Lessons - If in the event of a pool plant maintenance issue we may have to cancel lessons at very short notice.  We will text and/ or email you.  Please log on to our customer portal to ensure that your contact details are correct.  We will add a system credit to your account with us and do not offer refunds.
  • If we need to change class day, times or duration, fees, or venue, it will show on your invoice email for the new term.  Please take the time to read the email fully.
  • Please inform us of medical conditions that your child may have including learning disabilities.


  • Jellyfish Swim School is unable to refund cancelled lessons due to lockdown. We will deduct all cancelled lessons from the following terms invoice for you to redeem.
  • Jellyfish Swim School is unable to refund classes due to sickness including Covid, this also includes any child that is having to self isolate due to being in contact with someone that has tested positive or has symptoms of Covid.

Non Attendance: 

  • We regret we are unable to offer refunds, credits or make up classes due to your own cancellation or non-attendance.          
  • Please advise Jellyfish Swim School immediately if your child will miss lessons due to illness/injury.

Data Protection Act:

  • Data Protection Act: Jellyfish Swim School holds the name, address and contact information on its members and the parents / guardians responsible for these members. Furthermore, the Swim School holds medical information and swimming assessment data, this information is used solely for the business of the school as a teaching swimming organisation. Any additional use of information held would require written permission of the member.  We will only contact you regarding swimming related affairs such as newsletters, class times, enrolments, pool closures, payment reminders and to discuss a child’s progress. We never use your information for marketing purposes or share with third parties.

Jellyfish Swim School has an ICO certificate https://ico.org.uk/


  • All Instructors are qualified and experienced swimming teachers and hold the relevant Swim England / STA certificate(s).
  • The Instructor to swimmer ratio is high, ensuring your child will receive above average attention.
  • As some physical contact with your child is unavoidable all staff adhere to the Swim England Child Protection Procedures.
  • Jellyfish Swim School reserves the right to replace advertised instructors or sessions where unavoidable.
  • If an Instructor is unwell or cannot attend a session, Jellyfish Swim School will endeavour to provide a cover teacher.

General Information:

  • Jellyfish Swim School does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss of property or articles left on the premises.
  • Jellyfish Swim School shall not be held responsible for any personal injury or fatality that may occur outside of the lesson.
  • Noise levels at the pool side should be kept to a minimum.  Noise can be distracting for the swimmer and Instructor during classes.
  • You must not go swimming if unwell e.g. ear infection, diarrhoea, chicken pox, bad cold, infection or open wound.
  • Please be ready for the lesson 5 minutes before the start time. No child must be in the building/ pool area without an Instructor or guardian.
  • If your child has a medical problem, or for example, use an inhaler, please tell your Instructor. Please also email details to us at info@jellyfishswimschool.com so we can update your child’s record.
  • Never swim within 1.5 hours of eating.
  • To avoid injury the wearing of spectacles in the water by a swimmer during a session is not allowed for the safety of the swimmers. Prescription goggles can be found easily on the internet. Care of spectacles is the responsibility of the parent/ carer.
  • No Jewellery or watches are allowed whilst swimming.
  • All swimmers must wear suitable swimwear.
  • Hair that is more than shoulder length must be tied back.
  • Children should only enter the pool once your Instructor has told them to.
  • The following actions are considered as disorderly behaviour: running, diving, jumping, pushing, ducking, fighting, bombing, shouting and throwing items. It is the responsibility of the parent / carer to ensure their child adheres to these conditions.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
  • Maximum age limit for a child to enter the changing rooms of the opposite sex is 8 years old.
  • No glassware or crockery is allowed in the pool area. Plastic/ non-breakable drinking vessels may be allowed at the staff’s discretion.
  • Be helpful to your child but do not coach him / her. A little knowledge can be dangerous. The Instructors are there to do the coaching and have been doing so for many years. If you think there is a problem please speak to the poolside supervisor who can discuss the matter with the instructor at a suitable time.
  • Badge testing will take place every other term.  Any children that do not reach the requirements of the badge will be retested on the areas not passed the following term.
  • Please note that we do not post out badges and certificates, these should be collected poolside from the supervisor and will be written out in front of you.  We will send out notification of when this will happen.

Copthorne Prep School Venue:

  • Children and parents are only permitted within the pool building and nowhere else on the school premises. We are only permitted in the pool area. Please ensure your children are supervised at all times.
  • No outdoor footwear is to be worn on poolside for Health and Safety reasons. Please also ensure that shoes are not left lying around the pool area, creating a risk for teachers and swimmers. There is a shoe rack provided to the left of the door leading onto poolside, as well as storage for shoes underneath the benches around poolside.  Dogs are not permitted anywhere within the school grounds or venue at Copthorne Prep School.
  • Eating is not allowed on the premises, this includes chewing gum.
  • Water in a plastic bottle is allowed. No glass or cans.
  • Parents with young children should ensure their child is fully toilet trained or is equipped with an aqua nappy. This is to prevent any accidents which could incur cleaning charges from Copthorne Prep School, we would look to recover these costs from the parent of the child involved.
  • Please respect Copthorne Prep School, causing damage and unruly behaviour could result in Jellyfish Swim School losing the privilege to hold lessons at the venue. We understand that accidents can happen, if in the event that anything does occur please can you inform a member of staff straight away.