Jelly Babies

Our unique aquatic programme gives infants a diverse experience of sensory exploration and developmental opportunities.

Our ethos is based on creating an environment that gently guides you and your little one, enriching their water confidence and helping every child flourish. 

With the use of specialised equipment we have created a class that is different than the mainstream parent and child class using a mix of activities such as music, singing, play and movement creating a multi-sensory environment. 

Our ethos of providing lessons for infants and toddlers is based around instilling a love of water, this is the foundation of learning to swim. It is also an excellent way to ease children to a path of formally learning to swim by a teacher later on.



Babies and toddlers are distinctly drawn to water, not only because of the familiarity of their womb environment, but also because of the soothing effects it can have, as well as being one of the most exciting materials to explore on the face of the planet!

Discover the unlimited possibilities of water play. It can be held, thrown, sprayed, dripped, trickled, poured, swooshed, soaked, absorbed, sprinkled, funnelled, spun, frozen, melted and, best of all.......SPLASHED!

Our Jelly-Babies classes introduce parent and child to experience flotation, buoyancy, singing, sounds, colours, shapes and sensations in a interactive environment. 

It’s also a great way for parents and children to bond learning secure holds and water safety.

WRAYS FARM REIGATE (from September 2024)


Curious and fascinated by the opportunities to learn about how things work, cause and effect, relationships between people and objects and what things can do. This is why toddlers are on a mission of investigation and discovery using their senses to understand the world.

Jelly-Tots classes incorporate themes, colours, numbers, shapes and sizes, songs, movement and actions to capture the imagination and animate the senses in a fun safe environment.

Introduction of noodle floats and encouraging progression from sitting entry to standing entry into the water.

Toddlers start enjoying more confidence and independence and some begin seeing the world from under the water!

WRAYS FARM REIGATE (from September 2024)


Keeping the lessons fun and sensory based with toys, songs and actions. Introducing more communication and interaction with other children, parents and teacher.

Focusing on kicking, coordination, propulsion and body position which are fundamental skills of learning to swim. 

As independence and confidence grows children perform little swims on their own or with the support of floats and noodles.

Still keeping the lessons fun and sensory based with toys, songs and actions. Introducing more communication and interaction with other children, parents and teacher.

Learning and becoming familiar with the pool rules and the importance of water safety, classes include turning and holding on to the side and exiting the pool unaided.